CUSTOMIZE your own FULL POWER Necklace

CUSTOMIZE your own FULL POWER Necklace

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Protection. Strength. Inspiration. What are you looking for?

The choice is yours.

Customize your own Full Power necklace.

Price includes your choice of:

-chain (20 inches/50.8 cm),

-charm type (includes customization: one initial/alphabet letter), and

-TWO gemstones

Please SPECIFY THE GEMSTONES (2) and INITIAL of choice when placing your order.


garnet (passion + creativity + regeneration)

rose quartz (love + compassion + kindness)

pink sapphire (intuition + strength + self-confidence)

carnelian (energy + confidence + mood lifter)

lemon quartz (optimism + well being + creativity)

rutilated quartz (persistence + optimism + mood lifter)

peridot (health + emotional balance + restful sleep)

emerald (abundance + luck + health)

tsavorite (vitality + benevolence + prosperity)

apatite (will power + detox + balance)

tanzanite (emotional balance + intelligence + compassion)

amethyst/lilac amethyst (protection + reduce insomnia + cleansing)

labradorite (intuition + wisdom + connection)

pyrite (confidence + productivity + creativity)

rainbow moonstone (intuition + empowerment + goddess energy)

black spinel (fights negativity + communication + grounding)

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